From the vibrant communities to the variety in housing options and pricing trends, this guide is your key to understanding the unique tapestry of each suburb. Let’s dive into the details, unveiling the facts and figures that will empower you on your quest for the perfect North Brisbane home.

Chermside: The Shopping Capital


Chermside, a retail oasis, attracts a blend of young professionals and families. The suburb’s diverse population enjoys the convenience of major shopping hubs and excellent transport links.


Chermside showcases a mix of apartments and townhouses. The median price for units is approximately $400,000, making it an attractive prospect for first home buyers and investors alike.


Over the past year, Chermside has experienced a 15% increase in property value, making it a hotspot for capital growth. 


We are seeing 3 bedroom units and townhouses being the most sought after in the unit market with most properties being on the market for an average of 39 days, this is a low number of days on market which means a much higher competition as buyers are buying these styles of properties much more swiftly.


Aspley: Greenery and Family-Friendly Vibes


Aspley boasts a family-friendly atmosphere, drawing in young families and professionals alike. The suburb is known for its parks, schools, and tight-knit community.


Fully detached houses dominate Aspley’s real estate scene, featuring styles ranging from classic Queenslanders to modern designs. The median house price sits around $906,200, and for entry level homes starting from the $582,000 range. This is reflecting the suburb’s popularity for those seeking a mix of greenery and convenience.


Aspley has a homeownership rate of 73%, indicating a stable and established community. This high owner occupied ownership is a great indicator for capital growth as we see people who own their home will tend to keep their properties in much better conditions.


Aspley’s average age is 60 and above. This statistic is great for first home buyers as we will see our older generations move to smaller homes and downsizing. 


New Farm: Chic Living Along the Riverfront


New Farm attracts a mix of professionals and creatives, creating a vibrant and eclectic community. The suburb’s proximity to the Brisbane River and the CBD adds to its allure.


Stylish apartments and renovated Queenslanders characterize New Farm’s real estate. The median apartment price is around $775,000, offering a slice of inner-city sophistication. With entry level units starting at the $478,000 range, this is a great opportunity for first home buyers as they will be eligible for the Queensland first home buyer grants and schemes.


New Farm has experienced a 10% increase in apartment prices over the last year, reflecting its premium living appeal. We can also see the average days on market sit between 35 to 41 days, this means we have a high competition of buyers looking to purchase in New Farm.


We have also seen an increase in owner occupied residents in New Farm increasing from 41% to 45%.


Everton Park: Suburban Bliss with a Modern Twist


Everton Park caters to a diverse community, including families and young professionals. The suburb is evolving with new developments and enhanced infrastructure. With the new Everton Plaza also known as Park Lane precinct, we have seen gentrification in Everton Park with the new restaurants and bars.


The suburb features a mix of post-war homes, townhouses, and modern developments. The median house price is around $868,000, positioning Everton Park as an emerging hotspot. With the demographics of this suburb showing a majority owner occupied ownership of 62%, this suburb is primed for capital growth.


Everton Park only being 10.8kms from the Brisbane CBD this suburb has witnessed a 20% increase in property inquiries, indicating heightened interest in the suburb.


Nundah: Urban Renewal and Connectivity


Nundah is undergoing urban renewal, attracting a mix of young professionals and singles. Its accessibility to the airport and only being 8.9 kms north of the Brisbane CBD adds to its appeal.


Nundah offers a mix of apartments, townhouses, and renovated Queenslanders. The median apartment price is between $470,000 and $480,000, making urban living affordable.With the demographics of this suburb showing the average age 20 to 39, this would be an affordable suburb for singles or young couples who are first time buyers looking to take advantage of the queensland government scheme to help get into the property market.


Nundah has a strong public transport network, with 64% of residents using public transportation regularly.


North Lakes: A Master-Planned Community


North Lakes is a master-planned community drawing families seeking a suburban lifestyle with modern amenities such as the Westfields and the large variety of family friendly parks. The suburb has a thriving sense of community and is a great family friendly suburb to purchase your next property.


Detached houses dominate, showcasing modern designs. The median house price for a 3 bedroom is $650,000, reflecting the suburb’s family-oriented appeal.


North Lakes boasts a homeownership rate of 72%, underlining its reputation as a stable and family-friendly community. North Lakes also has great schools such as ‘The Lakes College’ which bring a high demand for families looking to upgrade and purchase in the North Lakes area. 


Each North Brisbane suburb tells a unique story, and understanding the nuances is key to finding your perfect home. Armed with these insights, you’re well-equipped to navigate the diverse real estate landscape of North Brisbane. For personalised advice and expert guidance, reach out to North Brisbane Mortgage Brokers. Your dream home is just around the corner, and we’re here to make the journey memorable and stress-free!

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